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How to Freeze your Fiddleheads

 Fiddlehead greens pack a powerful nutritional punch, which is great news for those looking to make healthier food choices. However, it isn’t always easy to access this super-food because fresh fiddleheads are typically only available in Canada for two months of the year (May & June). Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy fiddleheads year-round, including freezing them. Here’s how:
Step 1  |  Clean them: Trim the ends off each fiddlehead, place them in a colander, then rinse. Submerge the colander in a bowl of cold water and remove any pieces of grit by hand. Lift the colander, drain and rinse again.
Step 2  |  Blanch them: Bring a large pot of salted water to a full boil. Blanch the fiddleheads in the boiling water for two minutes, ensuring they are fully immersed (Note: any part of the fiddlehead that is not immersed in water may turn black in colour.). After two minutes of blanching, place the fiddleheads in very cold water to stop the cooking, then drain.
Step 3  | Prepare them for freezing: Lay the blanched fiddleheads on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, ensuring they are evenly spread out. Place the fiddleheads in the freezer for about one hour. Once the fiddleheads are frozen solid, place them in a freezer bag and label and date it. Store your fiddlesticks in the freezer for up to one year for best quality.

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